Welcome to STAR EMB

STAR EMB offers a specialised service to the Commercial, Industrial and Domestic marketplace. We have a wide experience and expertise in on-site services for electrical and mechanical systems, including the installation and commissioning of the following systems:

  • Multiple Material Plastics Dehumidification and Drying Systems
  • Panel Building, wiring and on-site installation and commissioning
  • Automatic PLC controlled conveyor
  • On-site installation of material handling equipment
  • Size reduction granulators
  • Machine Mounted Additive Dosing
  • Raw Materials Blending Systems
  • Erection of Storage Silos
  • Central conveying systems
  • Installation of robotic equipment



Welcome to STAR EMB

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Commerical and Domestic Applications

Our specialism also covers commercial and domestic applications for building and construction, see our Portfolio for examples of our work for Parish Councils and Schools